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Dear friends,

Being Father’s Day, I’ve asked my father if he’d like to contribute a guest post.

My sweet Dad aka "Baba"

My sweet Dad aka “Baba”

He sent me a great little excerpt from his memoirs. Here are his words:

An Earthly Father prays to his Heavenly Father

I was sitting at my desk in a small room. There were a lot of small toys scattered on the floor. They did not have much value and made the room look messy.

A visitor came in and asked me why I didn’t throw them away. He saw them as junk. I told him that they belong to our dear daughters. In the eyes of their parents, what you call junk is as precious as gold.

After the guest left I bowed my head and said, “Our Heavenly Father, thank you for our children, they are your precious gift to us, please Lord grant us the wisdom to raise them up in the way they should go, and when they get old they will not depart from it.”

Almost 40 years later, I asked myself if God answered my prayer. I am grateful to say: I am sure He did.


So many years have come and gone since that snapshot in my father’s memory, yet his life continues to display an enduring, peaceful faith in God. No doubt, he has had to put up with a lot more than scattered toys as we were growing up. He did so through persevering in strength, even when things went wrong. To this day, he has a sense of humor that remains resilient and hopeful. I know I would not be who I am today if he were not my father.

And isn’t that the way that God loves us? The issues of our lives that seem trivial to others are  important to God because we are His children. It reminds me of a verse in a song we sang last Sunday:

How deep the Father’s love for us,
How vast beyond all measure
That He should give His only Son
To make a wretch His treasure*

Happy Father’s Day, Baba!

To my sweet readers ~ is there a special memory your father has shared with you? How has it reflected God’s love to you?

*How deep the Father’s love for us –©1995 Kingsway’s Thank you Music, Words and Music by Stuart Townend

6 thoughts on “Made ImpTOYtant

  1. My father was never interested in being a father. I saw him a few times growing up but then he’d leave again. As an adult I saw him once and he was rough, hard, and difficult to communicate with. Once again we went our separate ways. Two years ago he broke his back, right after his girlfriend left him. My boys saw a picture of him and ask who he was, I said my dad. They said, “we have a grandpa, can we meet him?” Hmmm. Reluctantly I took the steps to set up a short meeting at Steak & Shake. There was something different in his eyes, in his demeanor. He had been truly broken! Those moments he lay in bed realizing how lonely he was, and realized his mistakes, and his heart softened. I am praying for a Christ heart change and I believe it is in the future. This may not seem like a wonderful father story, but its the most wonderful one I have. Blessings, Crystal

    • Crystal,

      Thank you for taking the time to share this! I thank God that you have a Heavenly Father that will never fail you, and I pray that His love will always be very evident in your life. It is never too late for anyone to come to saving faith and I believe that God is sovereign in every circumstance, even your father’s injury. I pray that He is working on his heart and will open it to His word. There is so much hope through our prayers for this!

      Thank you again for sharing this, and I pray that there will be many wonderful stories ahead.

      In Christ,

  2. Hi Margo!

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    Thanks, and God bless!

    • Thank you ~ I just visited your website and I would be honored to contribute. Thank you for visiting my blog! Writing to share the gospel through this platform is truly a great joy in my life.

  3. Thank you Margo loving your mother and father well, and for reminding us of sweet memories.

    Chuck Caldwell

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