Note: You have to click on the Blog Title to access the survey

Hello Dear Readers!

I have had such a great journey since I first launched this blog six months ago.  I thrive on the constant challenge of creating a new article at least every week or so, and I truly hope that it is a “Ministry in Words” as the title says.

The focus of this blog is to share the gems of truth from God’s word and to point visitors to Christ, to His atoning death on the cross, the one and only hope of salvation. That’s the most important thing I’d like you to know…that I don’t ever want to water down the truth or seek to please man more than God.  May He help me if it should ever become about numbers and stats.

Having said that, I don’t want to just write without telling you that I am interested in who you are.  I’d like to hear about the important matters in your life ~ the daily issues and questions of faith that’s on your mind and how this blog can be a forum for these topics. I’ve had the pleasure of reading most of your blogs and feel like I already know a lot of you. Some of you aren’t bloggers but comment once in a while so I’d like to reach out to you as well. So, with much thought and prayer, I’ve created a short survey that is designed to make it easy to offer your feedback and thoughts.

Would you take a few minutes to complete is as a favor? You can answer as much or as little as you’d like…and don’t worry, once you’ve completed the survey, your answers disappear and go straight to my polldaddy inbox.

But wait, there’s more! Anyone completing this survey will automatically be eligible to win a $25 gift card to just for participating! I will draw from the names of the participants and contact you via your blog address or email address. The survey will be open until 12:00 AM September 1st.

Reminder: You have to click on the Blog Title to access the survey. (I’m new at this!)

Thank you so much, and God Bless 🙂


Thank you so much!


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