Larry King, host of the former “Larry King Live” talk show, was once asked who in all of history he would most like to interview, if given the chance. King replied, “Jesus Christ.” Why? To ask Him one question: “Are you indeed virgin born?” The answer to that question, added King, “would explain history to me.”

A crucial question indeed, for the implications of the virgin birth as a historical fact would oblige the cynic to acknowledge Jesus Christ as the Son of God. You see, it is impossible to believe in Christ as the Son of God and not accept the virgin birth. For God to accept Christ’s death as payment in full, He had to be pure, unaffected by sin. That is what makes the virgin birth so miraculous.

To quote form D. James Kennedy’s book, “Solving Bible Mysteries”, the virgin birth is significant because:

  1.  If Jesus were not born of a virgin, then He would have inherited sin like the rest of us.
  2.  If Jesus were not born of a virgin, then He cannot be the divine Redeemer, because the   sacrifice    for sin must be perfect.
  3.  If Jesus was not born of a virgin, we have no Savior.
  4.  If Jesus was not born of a virgin, we have no hope after death.

The key here is that we can’t take one part of the life of Christ without the other. If we study His life, we see that He lived a perfect and sinless existence. It points back to verify His miraculous birth, (which, by the way, was foretold thousands of years earlier).

And the ultimate affirmation? The resurrection. Also according to Kennedy’s book, “The resurrection is the most firmly attested event of ancient history. Because we know that Jesus was truly raised from the dead, we know that His birth must have been just as miraculous”.

If God can create the universe and perform miracles in healing, in nature, in provision and rise from the dead, it is no problem to believe that He could perform the miracle of the virgin birth. This is a wonderful and great cause to rejoice for those who come to Him with saving faith.

“Behold, the virgin shall be with child, and bear a Son, and they shall call His name Immanuel…” Matthew 1:23

May the wonder of Christ’s birth fill you with joy this Christmas season.


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