Dear Friends,


Many of you may know that my sweet father passed away a few years ago. I could say many wonderful things about him, one of which is that he had a deep love for the study of God’s word. I still remember how he relished in the promises of God. He contemplated them, took comfort in them, and hung his life upon them. One of his favorite books of the Bible was the book of Galatians and its powerful message of freedom in Christ. He had a goal to write and publish a study of this book, and I believed it energized him in his final years. It was his prayer, (and our as well), that he would complete it before the Lord would call him home. God answered that prayer.

I remember brief conversations I had with him about his vision for this study, and while (I don’t think) I verbalized that I would carry this project through, I believe he sensed that I would. It was a vow I made in my heart and later as I spoke at his memorial service.

Now the day has finally come and I can’t believe this labor of love is finally finished!! We will carry on his intent to further the gospel, bless others, and offer the proceeds to his local church and Christian ministries as God would lead. It is a small part of his legacy for which I am honored to present, and I can’t wait to see how God will use it for His glory.


(ebook coming soon)

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