About this Blog

It’s amazing to me how it is so easy to communicate these days. 

Who would have ever thought we could reach people we knew years ago and see how their lives turned out?

Or send an instant message to hundreds of  people across the world?

We can e-mail, chat, skype, or text. We can poke, like, face-time, comment, reply, friend, wink or post…and of course, we can blog. All of these were either non-existent or have taken new meaning in the last few decades.

What did we ever do before the Internet?

It is humbling to have the means and freedom to share whatever we’d like in this country. I don’t take that lightly, and I want to grasp the chance before me. It isn’t just a neat way to communicate, but a great privilege and opportunity of purpose.

Of all the things I could focus on in my little corner of the blogosphere, it would be to share my love for the word of God, and my faith in Christ. The groundwork for this blog really started many years ago, as God began to develop a real joy for Bible Study within me. This is a small way to share some of it. Sometimes that will come from studies and devotions I have put together, and other times from the simple,  everyday conversations and lessons I find along the way. 

May God give us a will to use our knowledge, whether it be little or great! May we beware of neglecting our opportunities, and of not making the best use of our privileges! Have we light? Then let us live fully up to our light. Do we know the truth? Then let us walk in the truth.” – J. C. Ryle

 You are a big part of this. Your comments and insights will enhance this blog in ways that I could not do alone. As Iron sharpens iron, we grow in fellowship with one another, and in studying God’s word together. That’s what this blog is all about.


7 thoughts on “About this Blog

  1. Hi Margo, nice to meet you. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I am a Christian also. Some of my posts are Bible based, others are just crazy stuff that goes on in life.

  2. Hi
    One reason I like blogging is getting a front row seat into the way people see the world. It’s unique and different and because of that I am interested!!!! Thank you for liking my post. I am glad to meet you and looking forward to what you have to share….! God bless


    • Thank you, Rolain! I love being a blogger as well. It’s a great opportunity to share God’s Word at our fingertips. :). I pray that the message of the Gospel of Christ rings through above all else — that we are all sinners in need of His grace and mercy, and He alone has the power to save. Thanks so much for stopping by. I enjoy your blog as well. God Bless!

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