Dear Friends,

We will make countless decisions this New Year. Some of them will be insignificant, others may be major, maybe life-changing. They may be long-considered or demanded on a spur of the moment. Who knows what’s up ahead? I found this from the Hope for the Heart Biblical Counseling Library” and I think it’s worth sharing as we start this new year.

Decision Making



May you all know the peace and joy of Christ this New Year!

Margaret (“Margo”)



  1. Thanks for sharing this excellent post. In many cases, when we’re making decision, it’s all about ourselves; in other words, it’s all about what we want. But, with regard to our walk with the Lord, we have to take in proper consideration as many factors as we can in order to make sure that the decisions that we’re making glorify God. I think that the supreme test which is the 8th one is the most important because if a decision passes that test there’s no need to worry about the ones.

    • That’s so right, Arold. Thank you for that observation. Many don’t understand that the end goal of anything, and to God Himself, is His glory. However, when you think about the salvation we have in Him, and Him as Creator, and the ultimate grace He has shown, Who else could be worthy of this glory?

  2. The point is that salvation implies God investing something priceless to us irrespective of our own unworthiness to Him. The only thing that He needs from us is our complete submission which is the foundation of glorifying Him. Thereby, the christian life revolves around glorifying God. He must preeminent in everything we’re doing as His children.

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